The Food of Love by Amanda Prowse…Group Discussion


Hello my fellow bookworms! I wanted to let you know I will be doing a group discussion on The Food of Love by Amanda Prowse! The discussion will start on 1/1/17 on Goodreads! You can access the discussion by clicking here!

This is my 1st group discussion, so please bare with me 🙂 I’m sure I will get the hang of it in no time! I would like to have the discussion on my blog, but unfortunately, my blog isn’t capable of doing that right now.

I will be using the book club questions that are provided in the back of the book. Once I read the book, I will add more questions of my own. I have the list of discussion questions already posted on the Goodreads discussion group so you can prepare yourself. I’m also going to list them on here!

I’m looking forward to discussing the book & getting to know you better!

Question #1

Did Lexi’s story alter your view of anorexia? If so, how?

Question #2
Which member of the Braithwaite family did you most sympathize with, and why?

Question #3
Has The Food of Love changed you or broadened your perspective? If so, how?

Question #4
What for you was the book’s main message?

Question #5
In a movie, who would play which parts?

Question #6
There were a number of moral and ethical choices that Freya and Lockie made. What did you think of those choices? Did you agree/disagree?

Question #7
Did any parts of the book make you feel uncomfortable? If som which parts and why?

Question #8
What will be the overriding memory from The Food of Love, the one incident or paragraph that will stay with you?



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