My Goals and Wishes for 2017


Jan 1st is right around the corner! It won’t be long until the ball is dropped and millions of people try to start fresh in the new year. I like to come up with goals and wishes for the new year, even though I know some of them may or may not happen. I try to stay positive!

Here are some of my goals and wishes for the new year! I narrowed it down to my most important ones because I could go on and on with my list lol!

I’d love to read your goals and wishes for the new year! Please leave links in the comment section!


  • Give my blog a makeover. *This is something that is already in the works. I am currently waiting for the artist to complete my new blog header. So excited!
  • Lose weight. This is a typical goal for a lot of people. I just hope I can stick to it. I’d love to get that extra 20+ lbs off so I can feel more active and healthier again!
  • Pack my lunch more often. I spend so much money on eating out for lunch. It’s insane!
  • Become more active with my blog. Sometimes, I get in a slump and can go a couple weeks without posting anything.
  • Save money to go on a vacation. I am WAY overdue for a vacation. It’s been years!
  • Spend more time outside. I don’t always take advantage of the beautiful weather when I should. I feel more at peace when I am outside walking or basking in the sun, so I need to make it a priority.
  • Work on my anxiety. Sometimes anxiety rules my life.



  • I wish to be on the beach somewhere, laying in the sun & drinking cold margaritas!
  • I wish for the world to come together and stop all the fighting.
  • I wish for love. It may not come in 2017, but I wish for the type of love romance stories are made of. The type of love that sweeps you off your feet and makes you feel safe.
  • Last, but not least, I wish for my friends and family to have a wonderful new year filled with love and everything they hoped for.

Thank you for taking the time to read my list! I hope you have a happy and blessed new year!



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