After reading a blog post by Thirteen Thoughts, I was inspired to create my own post of 50 things that make me happy. I mostly write about books, so this is something to help my readers get to know me a little more. The post is also a TAG, so I hope you will also consider writing a post of 50 things that make you happy and include your link in the comment section. I will definitely take a look!

. Click here to read the post by Thirteen Thoughts.

1.) My dogs…Thor & Zeus. I love these 2 so much! How could you not??? They also have such a great bond with each other. Makes my heart melt! 12299392_1256748924351125_2349883426208755986_n

2.) My sweet niece, Miracle. She has red hair and the personality to match! She is a wild child with a sweet heart.

3.) My family. Anyone that knows me, knows that I am very close to my family. I love spending time with them and creating memories.

4.) Tacos. Tacos make me happy. Simple as that.

5.) Driving with the windows down on warm & sunny days.

6.) Alone time. I LOVE alone time and it makes me so HAPPY!

7.) The feeling when you are so wrapped up in a book that you feel like you are actually there.

8.) Books…of course!

9.) Buying good pens. Having a good pen makes me happy! My favorite pen at the moment is Papermate Ink Joy gel 0.5

10.) Getting my nails done. I feel so fancy and pretty after!

11.) Taking a long, hot bath. I love soaking in Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt and reading a book.

12.) Snow. I love to play in the snow with my dogs.

13.) Christmas movies. I watch Christmas movies pretty much non-stop when Hallmark Channel starts playing them.

14.) Laying on a blanket and watching the clouds. I live out in the country, so I enjoy going out into the field and watching the clouds in the summer. It’s just so peaceful.

15.) Amazon. I love to shop on Amazon. I’m pretty much addicted.

16.) My car. I have a white Kia Soul and I absolutely love it!

17.) Sleep. I enjoy naps and sleep very much!

18.) Blogging. I just started blogging this year, but I love it. I’m still trying to figure out how all this stuff works, but I’m getting better at it each day.

19.) Learning something new.

20.) Accomplishing something. The feeling you get after you accomplish something is great!

21.) Halloween. Halloween has always been one of my favorite times of the year.

22.) Browsing the bookstore. I could spend hours in a bookstore.

23.) The beach. I love the smell of saltwater in the air!

24.) Pretty notebooks. I’m a sucker for notebooks and stationary.

25.) A good deal. If I get a good deal on something, it makes me happy! I love to be thrifty but also have nice things.

26.) Peppermints. They are my favorite candy!

27.) Going on a walk at the park.

28.) Not setting my alarm on the weekends. I love to sleep in as much as possible!

29.) Purple. Purple is my favorite color. I like darker purples mostly.

30.) Yoga pants. During the weekend, you can almost bet I’m wearing yoga pants. I like to be lazy on the weekends, so if I’m not going anywhere important I don’t feel the need to get dressed up.

31.) Cherry Blossoms.

32.) Pizza

33.) Sweet Tea.

34.) Planners. I love to plan things!

35.) Fresh bed sheets. I love the feeling of freshly washed sheets.

36.)Getting my hair cut. I feel so pretty after!

37.) Hiking. In the past, I would hike every weekend but I’ve been a little lazy over the last year. I need to make it a priority because I love it once I get there.

38.) Puppies. I could snuggle a puppy all day.

39.) Coffee. I can’t start my day without it.

40.) Buying a new outfit.

41.) Laughing. I love to laugh and love hearing other people laugh. It’s the best medicine.

42.) Fall. Fall is such a beautiful time of year.

43.) Boots. I love winter and fall because I can wear comfy and warm boots.

44.) Coloring my hair. I actually just colored it last night. I decided to stay with my dark red/brown color like I did last time. It’s fun being a red head!

45.) Christmas trees.

46.) Giving. I love to do things for others. It makes my heart feel warm and fuzzy.

47.) Crafts.

48.) Riding my bicycle. Taking bike rides out in the country is truly amazing!

49.) Sitting on the back porch reading until it’s dark out.

50.) Weekends! It’s what I look forward to all week!


Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little more. Don’t forget to leave links to your post in the comments below!







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